Exchange Onsite

For the most secure and flexible Microsoft Exchange Solutions, many organizations are opting to deploy Exchange 2013 on servers located in their own facilities. Doing so affords the greatest degree of security as you are assured that your servers are not being shared by other organizations. Equally important, you can be assure that there is no potential for data leaks and that emails are not being viewed by outside parties at a hosted facility.

Deployments, Migrations, Upgrades and Enhanced Functionality

ExchangeHub’s consultants can deploy a new installation of Exchange 2013, or we can manage an upgrade from a legacy version to the current one.

If you find that you current email solution is lacking in capabilities, our Exchange experts can develop and execute a migration program that will preserve all of your user’s existing messages and settings. And we can do it with minimal disruptions to your business.

Upgrading from an older version of Exchange to Exchange 2013 will allow your organization to take advantage of new and enhanced features and functionality. These improvements ensure that your organization meets evolving compliance needs, as well as to enhance information sharing. Exchange 2013 has been redesigned to minimize hardware utilization, to isolate failures and to afford simplicity of scale.

Exchange 2013 also allows for tight integration with Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint which allow for exceptional team and cross-functional collaboration in unprecedented ways.

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