Exchange is Everywhere

It’s no big secret. It seems that everyone is moving to their mobile devices as their first choice to check on messages and to stay connected. It is becoming more common to see someone using their phone to text message their connections than it is to actually place a phone call. This is because text-based messaging is delivered in real-time and it tends to be focused on key information.

ExchangeHub consultants get that. We can create an Exchange environment that allows your team to stay connected and to communicate in real-time across a vast array of devices. iPads and iPhones, Windows Phones and Surface Tablets, Android powered devices and Blackberries are on a par with the traditional desktop and email client environment.

Mix In Office 365

Office 365 takes the Microsoft Office productivity software you’re familiar with, but delivers it via the cloud.  Think about that – instead of an Office installation that is tied to specific devices, your Office 365 applications and files  can be accessed from virtually any location with a PC, Mac or a tablet.  As a bonus, these apps are always up to date, so there is no need to apply manual patches and updates.

That will grant your users an unprecedented level of productivity no matter if they are on the road, at the office or just catching up over a weekend.

Mobile Movement and Connecting

With Exchange configured properly, your traveling team members are still able to connect when they are not able to use their laptops. They can use a smartphone to check email while out networking, or the can continue a messaging session that started in the office on a laptop.

With Microsoft Lync added as an option, secure instant messages can be delivered to your team across all connected devices, greatly increasing the chances of a rapid response from the recipients.

Combined with Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange allows for a powerful collaboration tool that will keep everyone in sync and your business on track.

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