Exchange Plus SharePoint

When your business requires a high level of collaboration, it’s time to combine the functionality of Exchange with the power of SharePoint. With these tools working together, your organization can be sure that each member of your team is working with the latest versions of documents.   Your productivity will increase with triggered events and alerts are delivered to relevant team members to eliminate bottlenecks.

Add SharePoint And Take Collaboration To The Next Level

We love email.  But sometimes you need more than email to truly collaborate with your team.  This is where Microsoft SharePoint comes in.

Instead of digging through emails looking for attachments that may not be current, your team can click on a link that always takes them to the latest version of a document hosted in SharePoint. Once a change or an approval is made, then that document is made available to all impacted team members, keeping everyone in sync.

Think about how that can help your business. From PowerPoint presentations to org charts to proposals and contracts, there are so many elements that need to be current and updated. With Microsoft Exchange combined with SharePoint, your organization will be positioned to succeed in its mission.